Untreated White Bread Flour

Untreated White Bread Flour



Our most popular bread flour! It is a strong white bread flour suitable for all your bread making needs. Perfect for all bread recipes- crusty high top loaf, bread rolls, French sticks, sourdoughs, fruit breads – easy to use by hand or in a bread machine. It works! Forget the rest use the best!


Untreated  White Bread Flour

This is a high quality creamy white breadmaking flour which has not been treated with chlorine dioxide to bleach to preserve it. The words No Knead denote the high protein content which means that it does not have to be kneaded just shape when ready to make a ball of dough. If you wish to knead your dough that is fine too. Store flour in bag or container in a cool dry cupboard. It can be kept for up to 6-12 months but is best if used regularly to ensure its freshness. Perfect for all bread recipes- crusty high top loaf, bread rolls, french sticks fruit breads easy to use by hand or in a bread machine. Recipes on our packages or here on our website.

Loaf made by customer- Dale Sheppard

Ingredients: Strong Wheat Flour, Vitamins(Thiamin, Folate)  Contains: Gluten
Product is Halal; Suitable for Vegan diets.
Energy 1464.0kj; Protein 11.5-12.5g; Fat, total 1.6g- saturated 0.2g; Carbohydrate 69.6g
– sugars 0.5g ;Sodium 3.7mg

Customer Testimonial:
Hi Chris and Diana
A quick email re how much I’m enjoying using your strong white flour. It’s made a huge difference to my bread, easier to handle, much more predictable and I’m getting much better crumb and oven spring. And it tastes bloody good too!! Cheers, Ray (Somers, Vic)

Hi Chris and Diana,

My SNK story is..
About ten years ago, after a few false starts and several crises of confidence, (it’s amazing how you can feel like it’s a pet, and you feel like you have murdered a member of the family if it dies) I managed to create my own starter using rye flour, and it now occupies a corner of my fridge in its own red bowl.  With it I make my own version of sourdough, using SNK untreated white bread flour, and based on a recipe I got out of a book. I was using regular bread flour, the stuff you have to knead, until I discovered Simply No Knead. It is wonderful and it has transformed bread-making from a fairly tedious chore (I don’t necessarily find kneading therapeutic, just exhausting) into something easy, especially with regular bread such as wholemeal, fruit loaves or hot cross buns, which can be knocked up in a couple of hours. Every Easter I make hot cross buns, and they are delicious!
While my sourdough does take a day to complete, from making the sponge the evening before, using rye flour, to baking the bread the next afternoon, topped with semolina, it is a job that is done in bursts with very little energy expended, so I can do lots of other things in between. I use those round pet warming pads that you heat up in the microwave, to keep it warm while it is rising. Rather than making freestyle loaves, I bake it in your little rectangular tins so we get lovely neat little loaves. Every Friday (or most Fridays anyway) I make six loaves, some we keep for ourselves and some I slice and freeze and give to a couple of friends who are totally addicted to it. The smell when it comes out of the oven is absolutely swoon-worthy, there’s nothing else quite like it on this earth. Your store is great, you have a fantastic range of quality products, and the service is extremely convenient, as I live in Sydney. I have attached a photo of my creations.

Kind regards,
Rosemary McCullough


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