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About Us

In 1980, we revolutionised the world of bread making with the EASIEST, SIMPLEST, and MOST DELICIOUS method ever imagined. From our family to yours, Simply No Knead has been supplying superior products to supermarkets and independent outlets across Australia for over 40 years. 

Our journey is steeped in the art of bread making. The Simply No Knead mission has always been clear: to simplify the bread-making process and make it accessible to everyone. We take immense pride in providing you with everything you need to craft delicious, wholesome bread with ease and simplicity in the comfort of your home.

As an Australian-owned and operated family business, we take pride in dedicating our time to ensuring that every ingredient and product bearing the Simply No Knead name is of the highest quality available. This commitment allows you to create the very best, most nutritious bread for your family at home, whether you prefer the hands-on approach or the efficiency of a machine.

What Sets Us Apart

What sets Simply No Knead apart is our unwavering commitment to quality bread making supplies. We offer a unique range of premium bread making ingredients, equipment, and expert advice to meet all your home bread making needs.

  • Bread Flours We specialise in top quality bread flours, preserving the essence of tradition in every loaf.
  • Bread Mixes Elevate your baking with our bread mixes, meticulously crafted for exceptional taste.
  • Specialty Flours Explore a world of flavours with our spelt flour, khorasan flour, and gluten-free options.
  • How-To Guides Whether you're a novice or a seasoned pro, we’re here to help you enhance your skills and knowledge.
  • Comprehensive Bread Making Hardware: We provide an extensive range of top-notch bread making equipment.
  • Recipes Our step-by-step recipes and expert guidance ensures your bread-making success, every time!

Our Values

Simply No Knead operates on a set of core values that guide us in all that we do

  • Quality We're committed to delivering products of the highest quality.
  • Innovation We pride ourselves on offering unique and innovative solutions.
  • Wholesomeness Our dedication to wholesome ingredients is unwavering.
  • Trust Building trust with our customers is our utmost priority.
  • Flavour We ensure that every bite is a delightful experience.
  • Support We're here to support you on your journey to bread-making excellence.

Our Reach

We're dedicated to serving our community, offering direct access from our Seaford shop, and extending our reach across Australia via our online store. We also partner with Independent Grocers (IGA Supermarkets), select Gourmet Grocers, and Health Food Stores, providing them with a unique concept that sets them apart in the market. Our products are not only unique but also of the finest quality, ensuring that you'll return for more. They simply work!

For those who appreciate good, healthy bread and seek the easiest, simplest, and most fantastic way to create their own delicious, nutritious loaves, Simply No Knead is your ultimate solution.

Thank you for choosing Simply No Knead.

Happy baking!

Simon and Mary Bennet