Natural Bread Improver

Natural Bread Improver


SIMPLY NO KNEAD NATURAL BREAD IMPROVER REALLY IS THE SECRET TO YOUR SUCCESS. A clean label bread improve that contains all natural ingredients. The Vitamin C it contains is a natural yeast food that agitates the yeast to produce carbon dioxide to fill the cells of gluten in the dough, making your bread light and quick to rise. The Soy flour contained in the improver not only adds goodness but helps keep the bread soft and fresh. This is an essential ingredient in the Simply No Knead method of bread making and the secret to your success.


Simply No Knead Bread Improver is a clean label improver that has been developed and manufactured to our exclusive formula guaranteeing a natural, chemical and preservative free product. This is a light yellow coloured powder.
Usage: Add 1-2 teaspoons to any recipe using our bread flour.
NB: Our bread mixes already have bread improver added so there is no need to add more when using bread mixes.

INGREDIENTS: Non Genetically Modified Soy Flour, Bakers Flour, Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C),
Enzyme(Amylase – a vegetable enzyme)
Contains: Gluten, Soy


Nutritional Information:
[Per 3gm Serve (1 x Teaspoon)]
Energy  40.06kJ
Protein   0.8g
Fat Total 0.83g
-saturated  0.3g
Carbohydrate   0.3g
-sugars  0.0005g
Sodium  0.023g
Ash  0.002g
Moisture  0.024g

Storage: Best stored in your freezer or refrigerator after opening.

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