Bread Tins

Bread Tins


A proper bread tin really can make all the difference between a loaf that is dry and crumbly and one that stays beautifully soft and moist with a crisp golden crust. The tins come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Our tins are manufactured in Australia. They are exactly what a professional baker would use.


Bread cooks best, with a great crust and light crumb, if cooked in heavy specialty bread tins. The heavy tins draws the heat into the centre of the loaf of bread, cooking any loaf in about 30-35 mins, and creating a lovely crisp crust. Lightweight tins can mean under-cooked loaves, with a soft unsatisfactory crust.  We have an extensive range of great bread tins including loaf tins of various sizes, tin lids, French stick tins, Vienna loaf pans, Cob loaf tins, Bun trays and Roll tins.
Our fantastic bread tins require ABSOLUTELY NO SEASONING. You just liberally oil each time you use the tin. Our tins are Made in Australia from high quality  steel and exactly what professional bakers use to bake their bread. They are black on the outside. Food safe.

: You may see slight markings on the inside of the tins these will not affect performance, our tins are machined in Australia but can have markings as a result of working with steel products.

To use the tins, oil* or spray the tin, place the dough in the tin, glaze and decorate the loaf, allow to rise and bake as normal, then tip out onto a cooling rack.  Some light scratching of the tins over time should not cause any lesser performance, but avoid the use of sharp utensils.

DON’T NORMALLY WASH THE TINS – although a rinse with hot water will do no harm if there is sticky or sweet residue clinging to the tins. But a wipe with a damp cloth is all that is really needed to remove any seeds or flour.  Avoid using abrasive cleansers, or scourers.

* You will need to oil the tins before you place the dough in them. We recommend and use Cold Pressed Sunflower Oil (Product of Australia).
This oil is a non viscous oil that will not leave a sticky residue and ensure your tins last a lifetime of bread making.

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700g Bread Tin, 700g Bread Tin with Lid, 600g Bread Tin, 600g Bread Tin with Lid, 500g Bread Tin, 500g Bread Tin with Lid


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