100% Dark Rye Flour

100% Dark Rye Flour


100% Dark Rye Flour contains parts of the whole grain including the outer seed coat, the bran and germ and the centre endosperm of the rye berry. It is wheat free. It has a cream/grey colour with black specs. It contains more of the rye berry when compared to our finer and lighter coloured 100% Rye Flour.

NB: 100% Dark Rye Flour is not the same as  Dark Rye Bread Mix
The bread mix has malted barley to make it very dark in colour, plus like all our mixes it has the salt, bread improver and sugar blended with white bread flour as well as rye flour.


You can make a typically heavy rye bread using all rye flour or add this rye flour to any bread recipe to include the taste and texture of rye bread. Great in your next sourdough loaf. 100% Rye Flour/Rye Meal/ 100% Dark Rye Flour will not make a loaf on its own in a bread machine. You will need to blend the rye flours with other bread making flour to use your bread machine.

Alternative: You can use our Dark Rye Bread Mix to make bread by hand or machine as it is already blended. It is also much darker in colour as it has had malted barley included in the mix.

Ingredients: Rye Flour
Energy 1420.0 kj Protein 8.7g Fat, total  2.2g- saturated  0.3g
Carbohydrate 64.85g- sugars 2.3g Dietary fibre 10.8g Sodium  2mg

Customer Feedback:

Hi, Did you know that rye breads in Australia and mostly wheat?  I my frustration at not being able to get a decent rye bread, I’ve resorted to making my own.  I bake an Alpine Bauernbrot (farmers bread) in the manner of my Austrian grandmother and those before her for centuries.  It’s essentially a caraway seeded sourdough rye bread.  It has only four ingredients, water, salt, rye flour and caraway seeds.  Thanks to SNK, I’m able to get the style of rye flour that most closely resembles traditional European rye flour.  It’s not white rye, it’s not whole meal rye, not some weird bread mix but rye with the germ and some of the bran sold by SNK as “Dark Rye”.  SNK seems to be the only place in Australia where I can get it and I’m more than happy to pay the shipping to Sydney. Thanks, Bob Trlin ” Email sent 26/9/2020

Hi again,
Straight out of the oven.  A 1.5 kg loaf of Alpine Bauernbrot.  It measure about 260mm in diameter out of a 230mm banneton. I call it Alpine Bauernbrot to distinguish it from the lowland Barernbrot variants that contain some yeast and wheat flour to increase the gluten content.  Before the advent of Winter Wheat, wheat could not be grown in the Alps and distance from towns large enough to supports a beer brewery precluded the use of yeast.  So, this has no wheat flour nor yeast.  It is sometimes referred to generically as Schwartsbrot (black bread) but then it’s easily confused with the German Schwartzbrot which contains colouring agents among other things to produce a truly black colour as with your “Dark Rye Mix”. Incidentally, this is indeed a “no knead” bread.  Apart from the kneading required to thoroughly mix the dough, any kneading beyond that is pointless.  Because of the low gluten content of rye, the dough remains a sticky gluey mess no matter how long it’s kneaded 😊.  Adding wheat flour is indeed tempting but I’m trying to remain authentic.  I’m using a recipe from a cook book published by the Austrian agricultural college my mother attended in 1943. Regards, Bob   






Bob’s Alpine Bauernbrot

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