Our mixes are blended from the highest quality bread making flours. They can be made by hand or in a bread machine. They can be mixed and matched to make a whole variety of breads. The mixes already have the correct amount of natural bread improver, salt and sugar. All you need to add is yeast, water and oil. Available in 2kg, 5kg, 10kg or 20kg

DARK RYE: Produces a loaf with a distinct Rye flavour and when mixed with sunflower kernels or caraway seeds will give you the tastiest bread you have ever eaten.

LIGHT RYE: Produces an American style loaf with a subtle Rye flavour. It can be combined with No Knead Kaipseed for a nutritious high fibre bread.

PIZZA MIX: Simple Easy Pizza bases that will help you make the best homemade pizzas, ready to use 15 minutes after mixing.

SWISS GRAIN: Produces a delicious grain bread with a balanced selection of grains that includes Soy and Kibbled Linseed. . It produces a light tasty grain loaf which is ideal for a variety of breads.

SOUR DOUGH: Nothing beats the tangy taste and chewy texture of the true San Francisco style sourdough bread. Our mix contains a dehydrated sourdough culture that provides the sourdough its unique flavour. Mixed with Light or Dark Rye it makes a magnificent Rye Sour Dough. Made into a fruit loaf and you have an irresistible loaf.

SOY & LINSEED: Jammed pack full of soy grits and linseeds, this loaf has a very soft texture and keeps very well. A perfect everyday bread.

SIENA: Extra soft bread and roll mix ideal for soft dinner rolls, hot dog buns, or a super soft loaf.

SWEEET BREAD MIX: Ideal for sweet bread recipes, fruit loaves, finger buns, scrolls or donuts.

TUSCANY: Based on Traditional Italian style white bread mix, full of flavour, soft textured with a beautiful crust. It makes an ideal sandwich loaf. It is ideal for a quick easy white loaf.

VERONA: A traditional Wholemeal bread mix, high in fibre and full of flavour. Combined with Tuscany will give you a lovely light Wholemeal loaf.

PANE CONTINENTAL BREAD MIX: Use this mix to make the perfect authentic Pane Di Casa loaf or Ciabatta. Pane di Casa loaves are ideal for enjoying as a side dish to meals with dips and cheese or toasted and buttered to create ‘instant’ garlic bread.