Do you have an intolerance to GLUTEN, WHEAT or YEAST in your diet? If so, we have a wonderful range of products for you to make your own Bread, Pancakes, Pizza, Focaccia, Fruit Buns, Grain Breads and more.

Buckwheat Flour:

Buckwheat (not related to wheat) is gluten free, high in magnesium and has a balanced amino acid profile. Buckwheat is also low GI, making it a very healthy alternative to commonly used gluten free flours such as rice flour, potato starch and tapioca starch. Buckwheat is botanically a fruit and requires careful harvesting, processing and storage to ensure purity, mild flavour, optimum nutrition and high baking quality. Buckwheat flour and kernels are freshly dehulled and milled ensuring a mild sweet flavour, high nutrition and optimum baking qualities.

Our Buckwheat Flour & Kernels are sourced from Australian Farmers:

Australian buckwheat farmers practise Sustainable Farming. They use no-till farming methods to control weeds. The buckwheat farmer’s grain is tested each year for chemical residues. It is 100% Australian grown buckwheat grown using Sustainable Farming methods. The buckwheat is not grown organically. Please be aware that “Australian Certified Organic” does not necessarily mean “Product of Australia”. Most Organic Buckwheat flour sold in Australia is a product of China. Check your packaging to ensure you are buying Product of Australia. Read the small print. The Buckwheat Flour is milled in a gluten free, nut free mill. The Buckwheat Flour is tested Chemical Residue Free and Gluten Free. Our supply of buckwheat flour and kernels are endorsed by Coeliac Australia. Buckwheat flour can be used for crepes, pancakes, cakes, desserts, biscuits, bread, pasta and soba noodles. Wheat free Gluten free

Brown Rice Flour (Organic)

Brown rice flour is heavier than its relative, white rice flour. It is milled from unpolished brown rice so it has a higher nutritional value than white, and as it contains the bran of the brown rice it has a higher fibre content. This also means that it has a noticeable texture, a bit grainy. It does have a slight nutty taste, which will sometimes come out in recipes depending on the other ingredients, and the texture will also contribute to a heavier product than recipes made with white rice flour. It is not often used completely on its own because of its heavier nature. Product of Australia.
Wheat free Gluten free

FREELAC- Gluten, Wheat, Yeast & Lactose Free Bread Mix:

A mix suitable for coeliac diets to make all breads and various other cooking recipes. It makes the most wonderful bread either by hand or machine. It makes a light and fluffy bread and is a very acceptable alternative for those who cannot tolerate the gluten, wheat, yeast or lactose in normal breads. Freelac will give you the freedom to make all kinds of breads, from the basic white loaf through to fruit breads, Focaccia, Pizza, Rolls and more. Freelac also makes the best pancakes, batter, lasagne, cannelloni, piklets and crepes. Freelac will give you the freedom to make all kinds of wonderful food. This is a maize based bread mix that contains soya flour. *Freelac has been tested and found to contain no trace of Gluten, Wheat, Yeast or Lactose.
Wheat free Gluten free Lactose free Yeast free

Gluten, Yeast and Wheat Free Bread Mix

Our mix offers a wonderful alternative to people who are coeliac. It is a maize based mix. You can make not only white loaves but rolls, pizzas, fruit loaves, grain loaves, pancakes, pikelets, crepes and roulades. This bread mix works best by hand. Using a bread tin either 500gm or 700gm gives the best results. 1kg GYWF Bread Mix can make from 1-3 loaves depending on the recipe you choose to use. Recipes are on the package. More available in the recipe section of our website. Or you can email us for more recipes we may have available. Made fresh it is the best gluten free bread you will ever taste.
Wheat free Gluten free Yeast free

Quinoa flour (pronounced ‘keen wa’)

Quinoa is related to the plant family of spinach and beets. It has been used for over 5,000 years as a cereal, and the Incas called it the mother seed. Quinoa provides a good source of vegetable protein and it is the seeds of the quinoa plant that are ground to make flour. It’s a rarity to find quinoa flour in the UK, although quinoa itself is widely available. Quinoa flour has a pleasant, nutty taste. Quinoa has an almost ideal balance of amino acids plus vitamins and minerals. It is probably the least allergenic of grains. Quinoa flour makes baked goods moister. Originally a grain from South America.
Wheat free Gluten free

Gluten Free Products also available:

Whenever possible we source our products from Australia however some lines can only be imported. If there is a product you may want and it is not listed contact us and we will do our best to help you source it.