UNTREATED BREAD FLOUR: This is a high quality creamy white natural bread making flour which has not been bleached to preserve it. The words No Knead denote the high protein content (11-12.5 gm /100gm) which means that it does not have to be kneaded just shape when ready to make a ball of dough. Perfect for all bread recipes- crusty high top loaf, bread rolls, French sticks, sourdoughs, fruit breads – easy to use by hand or in a bread machine. Product of Australia.

WHOLEMEAL BREAD FLOUR: A high quality bread making flour, where the whole of the wheat has been used in its manufacture which ensures all the minerals, vitamins, and fibre are still present. This is a stoneground whole wheat high fibre bead making flour. This flour has a high protein content (11-12gm/100gm) suitable for bread making. Combine our 100% stoneground wholemeal flour with white ‘untreated’ bread flour to produce a lighter textured wholemeal loaf of bread. If you intend to use a bread machine we recommend that you blend 50% white bread flour with 50% wholemeal flour to make your bread. Product of Australia

PASTA DURA BREAD FLOUR: This is a very high protein (13-13.5) bread making flour. The network of gluten cells are so high that you will produce excellent free formed continental style loaves such as Cobs, Viennas, Pasta and bread rolls. Dust with Fine Semolina for a really authentic Pasta Dura Loaf with a lovely crust. Product of Australia

100% RYE FLOUR: A rye flour ground from the centre endosperm of the rye berry. This flour does not contain any of the outer seed coat, the bran, or the germ, so the flour stays fairly light in colour.
This flour will produce a European style heavy loaf, add Kaipseed for an extra delicious flavour. It is a wonderful addition to any bread you make for the added flavour of pure rye. This flour is very low in gluten. We recommend that you blend it with higher protein flours or bread mixes if using a bread machine.
Product of Australia

DARK RYE FLOUR: Dark Rye Flour contains parts of the whole grain including the bran and germ as well as the centre endosperm of the rye berry. This flour will also produce a European style heavy loaf, add Kaipseed or Caraway for an extra delicious flavour. It is also a wonderful addition to any bread you make for the added flavour of pure rye. This flour is very low in gluten. We recommend that you blend it with higher protein flours or bread mixes if using a bread machine.
Product of Australia

RYE MEAL: Rye flour coarsely ground to provide a high fibre rye flour. This is a great addition to any bread recipe you wish to add rye with loads of fibre and texture. Great in sourdough bread with a hint of caraway seed. Product of Australia.

ATTA FLOUR: It is used all throughout India and Asia to make various types of flat breads. Our atta flour is grown and milled in Australia using Australian Durum wheat. Atta flour is most commonly used to make flat breads such as chapatti, roti, naan and puri. However, you can also make a high tin loaf and bread rolls with Atta. Product of Australia.

SPROUTED WHEAT FLOUR: It is made by sprouting ordinary wheat grains, drying them and stone grinding the product into flour. Sprouting grains significantly increases the proteins and vitamins while stirring up the enzyme activity. Sprouted Wheat also have the starches converted to sugars which aids in digestion by people who normally struggle with gluten or wheat products. Our Stone Ground Sprouted Wheat Flour is packed full of the original nutrients as the whole sprouted grain is used! Sprouted Wheat flour is suitable to use almost in all areas normal wheat flour would be used but has so many more benefits including a greater taste and finished product. Product of Australia

SPELT FLOUR: Spelt is an ancient grain and is one of the three original wheat varieties from which modern day wheats are derived. Whilst a member of the same grain family, Spelt is a completely different species. Spelt is an extremely popular grain now, and its use has been growing over many years, as information about its value as a food source, and its ability to be tolerated by many people with wheat sensitivities becomes more widely known. Although Spelt contains gluten, it is much easier to digest than other wheat varieties, and may be suitable for people with wheat or gluten intolerances. White or Wholemeal Spelt, Organic or Sustainable, it is one of the healthiest bread making flours you can use. Spelt is suitable for breads, cakes, pancakes, biscuits, pasta, pastries and most baking needs. Product of Australia.

KAMUT (KHORASAN) FLOUR: An ancient grain ideal for breads, biscuits, cakes, muffins, pancakes, noodles and is excellent for pasta. Suitable for people who are sensitive to wheat even though it contains gluten. It contains 0% fructose which makes it ideal for people who have fructose malabsorption issues. Organic white or wholemeal kamut available.
Product of Australia.

ORGANIC FLOUR: Certified Organic products are grown and processed without the use of synthetic chemicals, fertilisers, or GMOs. It is an innovative method of farming and production – and is increasingly becoming recognised as being on the leading edge of food and fibre technology into the future. Organics is not just chemical free by testing. It is about the way your food is grown and handled. The whole system is linked – Soil, Plants, Animals, Food, People, and the Environment. We have available Organic White Bread Flour, Whole-wheat Flour, Whole Rye, Spelt, Kamut, Brown Rice Flour and Barley Flour.

SUSTAINABLE FLOUR: In simplest terms, sustainable agriculture is the production of food, fibre, or other plant or animal products using farming techniques that protect the environment, public health, human communities, and animal welfare. Some of the most common techniques used in sustainable agriculture include:

  • No detectable chemical residues in harvested grain
  • No-till farming system
  • No in-crop spraying with any herbicides, insecticides or fungicides
  • No stubble burning
  • Ancient wheat varieties selected for baking quality, flavour and human health benefits
  • 100% Australian grown

The ancient wheats grown by Sustainable Farmers of Australia have not been breed or modernised in any way, they are in their original ancient form. Simply No Knead sources its Sustainable (Non-organic) Spelt Flour, Kamut/Khorasan, Buckwheat Flour and Buckwheat Kernels from Australian farmers and fully endorse the high quality products grown by sustainable farmers of Australia.
(Grace Communications Foundation – http://www.sustainabletable.org/246/sustainable-agriculture-the-basics)