Electric Oven Bread should be placed in the middle of the oven at 220°C
Fan Forced Oven Bread can be cooked anywhere at 200-210°C
Gas Ovens Bread should be placed on second bottom shelf at 215-220°C

Remember, these temperatures are just a guide. If your bread is too pale in colour and undercooked then obviously you will need to raise the temperature by at least 10°C, keep on raising it until you achieve the desired result.

If on the other hand your bread is too dark, crusty and over cooked, then simply lower the temperature by 10°C until the desired result is achieved.

Note for gas oven only:

If the top browns too quickly leaving the inside doughy, cover with cooking foil halfway through the cooking time.

Temperature Charts

250°F = 120°C
275°F = 140°C
300°F = 150°C
325°F = 160°C
350°F = 180°C
375°F = 190°C
400°F = 200°C
425°F = 220°C
450°F = 230°C
475°F = 240°C
500°F = 260°C