Over the years bread machines have gained in popularity, there hardly seems to be a household without one.

Everyone seems to enjoy the convenience of putting all the ingredients into the machine, pressing the start button and leaving it to cook.

There is nothing better than smelling fresh bread as you wake up in the morning.

SIMPLY NO KNEAD began teaching breadmaking 25 years ago, although it was all by hand. The advent of the bread machine has altered the focus for Simply No Knead. We have seen that there has been a real need for help and advice and so have dedicated ourselves to developing the best bread mixes, with the easiest of recipes to follow and all the information you can possibly use to have great success making your own bread.

We still have the classes and flours for those who continue making bread by hand, in fact we are finding an increasing amount of machine users trying the traditional way of making bread – all by hand.

SIMPLY NO KNEAD in Seaford hold classes teaching you how to get the best results out of your bread machine. These classes show you how to make ROLLS, COB LOAVES, PITAS, French Sticks, Hot dog Rolls and much more.

SIMPLY NO KNEAD was the first to introduce bread machine classes and over the years we have gained a great deal of knowledge and experience. We are the recognised experts in breadmaking for both hand and machine.

SIMPLY NO KNEAD has been producing the most natural breadmaking ingredients for the home baker for over 20 years. Now with the advent of machines we have now introduced a range of mixes with the same high standards and criteria. They are FREE from animal fats, low in salt and sugar and best of all taste wonderful.

We have 11 different types of bread mixes, a flavour for every palate. Any of these mixes can be mixed and matched with great success enabling you to create your own individual flavours.

Everyone seems to like the convenience and speed with which they can produce hot bread. The results very much depend on thr type of bread mix or flour that you use. One thing that stands out is that is that you must be accurate in your measurements no matter which machine you use.

One of the best things you could purchase with your bread machine is one of our bread machine mix kits. This will give you a sample of 7 of our mixes to try. You can also make your bread using our bread flours or , a combination of both will give you great results.

Don’t be afraid to experiment once you have mastered the basics.